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The National Day of France

Le 14 Juillet, The fourteenth of July, called The Bastille Day, is the National Day of France. It is called La Fête Nationale Française or La Fête du quatorze Juillet.

Bastille day is a national holiday in France celebrating the storming of the Bastille, a military fortress and prison in a violet uprising that helped usher in the French revolution. It set off a series of events that led to overthrow of the King Louis XVI and the French Revolution. Each year the Bastille parade is held on the Champs - Élysées.

There are more reasons to be excited. Many of Paris museums and attractions open their doors free of charge. Le Musée du Louvre that has the beautiful Mona Lisa on display is one of the best places to visit.

You can take a guided tour that helps you trace the history of the important yet bloody conflict around Paris. But the breath taking conclusion for the day is the dazzling fireworks lighting that night sky above the Eiffel Tower.

The rich and vibrant culture of France helps you get a bird’s eye view of this beautiful and diverse country.

“Vive le 14 juillet!”

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