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Learn French 26: Zapper

Learning a new language is like switching channels in your head. Be sure you have good content.

Zapper means switching channels frequently.

It is a verb.

Pierre zappe toujours.

Peter zaps channels always

La famille zappe, et enfin, decide de regarder le film "Angry Birds"

The familys switches channels and finally it decides to watch the film "Angry Birds"

Culture tip:

Le Zénith is the name given to a series of indoor arenas in France.

The first arena, the "Zénith Paris" is a rejuvenation of the Pavillon de Paris.

In French culture, the word "zénith" has become synonymous with "theater".

A zénith is a theater that can accommodate concert tours, variety shows, plays, musicals and dance recitals. All zeniths carry a similar internal design of an indoor amphitheater that can seat at least 3,000 spectators.

The Zénith Paris—La Villette is an indoor arena in the 19th arrondissement in Paris. The arena was built in 1983 at the site of the former music hall, Pavillon de Paris, by architects Phillippe Chaix and Jean-Paul Morel. The construction of the arena was initiated by Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, to maintain the rock and roll scene to Paris.


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