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Learn French 24: ManteauX

Learning a new language is like wearing a coat. It makes you feel different.You bring out a new person from the inside.

I picked the word des manteaux here as it is one of the words that stayed with me from my school days. I liked the way the word sounds.

Also it is an important vocabulary concept.

The real word is un manteau, the plural : des manteaux.

Un manteau means a coat.

The speciality of this word is that the plural form takes an "x" instead of the regular "s".

Similar words are:

  1. gâteau cake

  2. bateau boat

  3. chapeau hat

  4. oiseau bird

  5. couteau knife

  6. rideau curtain

  7. château castle

  8. tableau board

  9. drapeau flag

  10. portemanteau travelling case/pouch

All these words take an x in the plural form.

Culture tip:

The Flag of France is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white and red. Blue and red are the traditional colours of Paris, used on the city's coats of arms. The three colours have different symbolisms. The French government websites states that the white field was the colour of the King, while blue and red were the colours of Paris. The three colours are ocassionally taken to represnt the three elements of the revolutionary motto, Liberté (Freedom: Blue), égalité (equality: white) Fraternité (brotherhood: red)


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