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Learn French 23: Le Week-end

Learning a new language is like going on a vacation when you look forward to a change. Gear up to change the way you think in a new language.

Le Weekend

The word Week-end has been borrowed from English.

It is used extensively in French.

It means the Saturday and Sunday.

In some countries, Friday and Saturday is the Week-end.

However the general idea is the same.

Two day break after a five-day working week.

Je fais des courses ce week-end.

I buy my groceries this week-end.

Le week-end prochain, je vais voyager.

The next week-end, I am going to travel.

Le samedi, je fais le menage et le dimanche, je me repose.

Saturday, I do the household chores and on Sunday, I relax.

Culture tip:

The term Week-end had been adopted by several countries, and it has a universal meaning. France having a diverse geography, gives the French many a place to explore during the week-end. The French usually take short trips over the week-end to catch up with family and friends. La Randonnée (trekking or long walks) is one of the preferred activities of the French. Traditionally almost everything was closed on Sunday. But with changing lifestyles, many businesses are open.

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