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Learn French 22: Du Vin

Learning a new language is being like a child. you need to twirl your tongue and say words that are completely new to you. Imitation is your best weapon.

Du Vin


Wine is an integral part of French Cuisine. The vineyards in France are some of the oldest in the world and their beautiful landscape is a pleasure to the eye. Fruit picking, grape production is a major agricultural activity in France.

Je bois du vin.

I drink some wine.

Les Français boivent beaucoup de vin.

The French drink a lot of wine.

Culture tip:

One of the oldest wines stretching back over 20 centuries are the wines from Bordeaux. The vineyards of Bordeaux are the largest fine-wine vineyards in the world. The diversity of the win-growing districts allows for the production of many types of wines such as reds, dry or sweet whites, rosés, light reds and sparkling whites. The Bordeaux vineyards include 6,000 châteaux (castles), historical villages, medieval cities, archeological sites and ancient Roman churches.

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