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Learn French 19: Sortir

SortirLearning a new language is like setting out for a ride. It could be bumpy, it could be smooth sailing. Enjoy the ride and focus on the destination.


To go out/ to leave

This is a verb and it is used very often.

It is commonly seen as SORTIE which means EXIT.

It is commonly seen as SORTIE which means EXIT.

Je sors avec mes amis.

I go out with my friends.

Le professeur dit "Sortez"

The teacher says "Get out"/"Leave"

Culture Tip:

A fresh baked baguette, a chilled glass of wine, an elegant beret and a delicate slice of cheese, that is how you fill the perfect French stereotype. Cheese is truly a part of the French identity and you can’t leave Paris without trying a few different varieties!

Cheese is actually so popular in France that it is a part of the meal. The French usually have some cheese in between the main course and the dessert. Along with salad or grape, it should be served at room temperature with a glass of wine or brandy. The “plateau de fromage“, the cheese board, should propose at least three variety with among them a cooked cheese, a veined cheese and a soft cheese with a rind.


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