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Learn French 18: Rester

Learning a new language is like learning math. The basics are as important as the new vocabulary.


This word "rester" looks similar to the word "rest" in English but it does not mean the same.

Instead it means to remain or to stay or to stay back.

Il faut rester chez soi.

It is necessary to stay at home.

Il me reste 4 oranges.

4 oranges are remaining with me.

Je vais rester à Paris pour quatre jours.

I am going to stay at Paris for four days.

Culture Tip:

French wine is famous all over the world. French Wine originated in the 6th century BC, with the colonization of Southern Gaul by Greek settlers. Viticulture soon flourished with the founding if the Greek colony of Marseille. Wine has been around for thousands of years in the countries on the Mediterranean but France has made it a part of their civilization and has considered wine-making as an art for over two thousand years. The Gauls knew how to cultivate the wine and how to prune it.


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