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Learn French 12: Les Loisirs

Learning a new language is like pursuing a hobby. It keeps you happy. What's your mantra for happiness?


Les loisirs - hobbies/leisure time

To have a hobby as simple as taking a walk is the "me time" everyone wants to have.

Divel into your hobby and you are refreshed to get back to work.

Mes loisirs sont la natation, la photographie et le cyclisme.

My hobbies are swimming, photography and cycling.

Il voyage pour son loisir.

He travels for leisure.

Quels sont vos loisirs?

What are your hobbies?

The new words are:

La natation - Swimming

La photographie - Photography

le cyclisme - Cycling

voyage - travel

Culture tip:

Sometime back cycling was the hobby that topped the list of the French. Now a statistics in 2019 showed that walking, hiking and long walks are the top leisure activities. France is a diverse country with varied landscape. The French prefer to travel within the country and explore different terrains.

With Saturdays and Sundays being weekly holidays, the French take short trips more often than before.


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