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Learn French 11: Klaxonner

Bonjour! Learning a new language is like watching the news. Waiting for information that may help you in someway. You never know where a new language takes you. Let's gather today!

Klaxonner - To horn

Now this is a word used less frequently unless you are talking about traffic. I chose this word because I like the way it sounds. Also they aren't many words beginning with K, the other choice was Kiosque.

Vers minuit, les voitures, moins nombreuses, continuent de klaxonner sur la promenade.

Towards midnight, the cars, less in number, continue too horn on the promenade.

Défense de klaxonner

To Horn is banned

Culture tip

Facts can wait. here are some rules. One has to follow them.

1. It is illegal to sound the car horn in a French city except in case of possible collision.

2. All passengers in a car are required by law to wear safety belts, even in the rear seat.

3. You are required by law to carry a number of items in the back of your car. These include: a self-test breathalyser kit conforming to French safety NF standards, a reflective triangle and a vest, to be used in case of breakdowns or other car emergencies.

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