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French Class 4: Dans

Bonjour! Learning a new language is like dancing. One step at at time, each one in sync with the other. Let's roll!

Dans means in. It is a preposition. It show the relation between 2 nouns.

J'habite is a phrase used here. J'habite means I stay.

J'habite dans un appartement.

J'habite dans une maison.

un appartement - an apartment

une maison - a house

J'habite dans un appartement - I stay in an apartment.

J'habite dans une maison - I stay in a house.


Marc: Bonjour, je m'appelle Marc. Et vous?

Annie: Bonjour, je m'appelle Annie.

Marc: J'habite dans une maison. Et vous?

Annie: J'habite dans un appartement.


Marc: Bonne soirée Annie

Annie: Bonne soirée Marc.

Vocabulary is as important to a language as grammar. As children, we picked up new words that eventually led to sentences. Happy learning!

Culture tip:

The apartment culture which is an integral part of today's housing options came from Paris.

Paris embraced the apartment in 1800's. It was initially called "Parisian flats" by the Americans who came to Paris for their cultural education.

Throughout the nineteenth century "the apartment house" dominated Parisian urban landscape.

Two reasons were primarily identified for its success:

1. Apartments provided spatially compact housing in a city with increasing population.

2. Apartments provided opportunity for investing in relatively inexpensive and profitable properties.

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