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French Class 2: Bonjour

Hello! Learning a new language is like fireworks. Each time you learn a new word, it rekindles within you a fire to learn more. The previous word we discussed was s'appeler. It helps introducing oneself.

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Greetings and expressions are an important part of a language. A conversation well begun with the right greeting is going the right way.

Bonjour - Good morning/hello

Bonsoir - Good evening

Bon voyage - Happy Journey

Bon appétit - Enjoy your meal

Bonne soirée - Have a good evening ahead

Bonne nuit - Good night

Bon means good for a masculine noun. Bonne also means good but for a feminine noun.

The difference is based on the gender of the noun.

The nouns here are:

jour - day

soir - evening

voyage - trip/voyage

appétit - appetite

soirée - duration in the evening

nuit - night

These are common greetings and phrases used in French.

It is routine to say Bonjour when you meet someone in a formal situation.

Bonsoir is said usually when you meet someone in the evening.

Bonne soirée is said while saying good bye in the evening and wishing the person a good evening ahead.

Bon Voyage wishes the person a good journey.

Bon appétit usually said before a person begins to have his/her home.

A conversation:

Marc: Bonjour, je m'appelle Marc. Et vous?

Annie: Bonjour, je m'appelle Annie.

... ...

Marc: Bonne soirée Annie.

Annie: Bonne soirée Marc.

Type out a greeting that you would like to use in the comments.

Culture tip:

French Telephone numbers usually consist of 10 digits. French speakers call out/give out numbers in 2 digit intervals. For example: 04 56 24 37 29 has to be said like zero four or just four, fifty six, twenty four and so on in French. This is an accepted pattern to call out phone numbers.


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