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Learn French 21:L' Université

Learning a new language is like going back to school. LSRW skills to be applied. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.



Je vais à l'université.

I go to the university.

Les professeurs d'université sont gentils.

The University professors are kind.

The word Université is the same as in English.

A university that is an institution of higher education and research that awards academind degrees in various disciplines.

Type out which university you are or were in.

Culture Tip:

One of the oldest and most famous Universities in France is Univeristy os Sorbonne. Sorbonne University is a public research University in Paris France. It was founded in 1257. With 32 Nobel Prize winners, Sorbonne University has a long tradition of academic excellence. The University now merged in 2018, with Pierre et Marie-Curie along with other institutions is a sought for valuable education.

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