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Learn French 13: Marché

Learning a new language is like looking for something new. You never know what you will get.

Let's start.

Marché - Market

This is a very common word.

Je vais au marché

I go to the market.

Le marché se trouve au centre-ville.

The market is in the centre of the city.

J'achète des fruits et des légumes au marché.

I buy fruits and vegetables at the market.

In France, going to the market is an important part of weekend routine.The French look forward to the Sunday market. Chef along with assistants go to the market to buy the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Culture tip:

Paris was one of the first European cites to implement a system of formal, centralized and covered market places. Les Halles, a vast centralized wholesale market, was known to be in existence at least by the 13th century. The French system of organised, designated central retail markets was extensively studied by architects in London with a view to emulating the system and ultimately eradicating the informal supply of produce via street vendors.

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