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French Class 8: Hôtel

Bonjour! Learning a new language is watching a film. You want to know what happens next. Without waiting any further, here is the next word.


Pendant les vacances, j'habite dans un hotel.

During the vacation, I stay at he hotel.

L'hotel se trouve pres d'ici.

The hotel is nearby here.

L'hotel est grand.

The hotel is big.

The word hotel is similar to the word in English.

In fact the word Hotel in English has its origin from French.

Culture tip:

The oldest hotel in France is the Hotel Westminster, which claims to be the longest continuously open hotel in Paris. Named in the honour of the Duke of Westminster and his patronage to the hotel during the 19th century, the Westminster is decorated with his coat of arms ever so discretely. The hotel opened in the early 19th century has remained open at 13, Rue de la Paix, ever since.



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