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French Class 7: Gâteau

Bonjour! Learning a new language is like having dessert after a meal. It completes the meal. So let's go ahead. Bon appétit.

Image: Unsplash on Wix

Gâteau is cake.

Un gâteau is a cake

le gâteau is the cake.

A touch of grammar with the vaocbulary adds value to the word.

The sentences with gâteau contain a phrase, je voudrais discussed earlier:

Je voudrais un gâteau.

I would like a cake.

Je voudrais un gâteau au chocolat.

I would like a chocolate cake.

Je voudrais un gâteau aux fraises.

I would like a strawberry cake.


Marc: Bonjour Annie

Annie: Bonjour Marc.

Serveur: Vous choisissez? ( Have you chosen?/decided)

Marc: Je voudrais un café. Et vous Annie?

Annie: Je voudrais un gâteau au chocolate.

Serveur: D'accord Madame et Monsieur.


Serveur: Voilà votre café et votre gâteau au chocolat.

Marc et Annie: Merci. (Thank you)

Serveur: Bon appétit.

Now you can order coffee or cake at a café in France.

Type out your favourite cake in the comments.

Culture tip:

Why Cake at Birthdays?

Well, Cakes represent our best culinary offering honouring our most loved people. In "olden times" when refined sugar, spices , nuts and dried fruit were expensive, it was a honour to be honoured with cake. Today cake isn't expensive and we have a variety to choose from. But the message remains constant.

Cake says "you are important and we love you"


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