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French Class 3: Café

Hello! Learning a new language is like drinking coffee. Once done you want a refill. So here is today's refill.

Café is a universal word.

It is coffee, a beverage.

It also means a café, a small and informal establishment serving various refreshments.

Je voudrais un café.

I want/would like a coffee.

Il y a un café près d'ici.

There is a café nearby here.

This word is different from the word cafeteria in English.

Merriam-Webster. com defines it as a restaurant especially one for staff or workers, where people collect their meals themselves and carry them to their tables to eat.

A conversation at a café:

Serveur: Bonjour Madame

Annie: Bonjour, je voudrais un café.


Serveur: Bonne soirée Madame.

Annie: Bonne soirée.

Je voudrais une tasse de café

I would like a cup of coffee

The vocabulary related to greetings and expressions in French can be viewed here:

Now you can order your coffee at a café in France the right way.

Culture Tip:

La Semaine du Goût

The Week of Taste or La Semaine du Goût, a registered trademark, is an event around taste and gastronomy, created by Jean-Luc-Petitrenaud in 1990, a culinary jounalist, that takes place for a week during October. It is partnered by the Minister of Agriculture and Food.Throughout France it promotes culture and culinary heritage and eating well. One of its stated objectives is to educate consumers especially children about tastes.

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